Several people have asked us why we came to Charlottesville and find it difficult to imagine that through prayerful contemplation we followed the will of God to move to a city we had never visited and help plant a ministry under the leadership of other disciples of Narrow Way Ministries International. Through a divine turn of events, we were no longer helpers of the ministry but became the leaders of Narrow Way Ministries of Charlottesville. Our address changed from Jacksonville to Charlottesville. Our roles changed from helpers to leaders. Our team changed from 10 to 3. Throughout the changes one thing remained the same, the will of God for Charlottesville. We are more confident now than when we were first charged to move that the Lord has a desire for His children in Charlottesville to have a better understanding of Him, a more intimate relationship with Him, and a purposefully unified fellowship with each other. We know it doesn’t require the multitude to turn the world upside down as in Acts 17:6 but a remnant. As an international ministry, we are finding, preparing, and connecting the remnant of the Lord all over the world. As a local ministry, we are calling out to the four winds to build the army of the Lord. Are you ready? Let’s take the city!

We Want to Hear from You!

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