Mark 5:25-34 depicts the story of a woman with an issue that she dealt with for a long time. She sought the expertise of those trained for such an issue, she utilized her resources and effort until she had none left. At the end of herself and the story says “she was not bettered, but worse”.

I am here to bring light in this story and to let you know that the scriptures says ” when she heard (means to give audience / give focus with her heart) of Jesus, she came in behind the press(riot)”.

#1- She said if I could but touch his clothes,(she spoke) #2- I will be whole(she believed), #3- she pressed through and touched him (follow through ).

Then scripture says ” Knowing what was was DONE in her she told the truth when asked by Jesus “Whi touched me? ( She confessed what she now knew … From Believing to Knowing. Remember you can get through the press of people, circumstances, obstacles of adversity… Just believe and speak your plan and put your faith with your works…

God bless you, be encouraged, the best of who you are is yet for you to Know! Move past that issue and receive what is rightfully yours…


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