The purpose of Narrow Way Bible School is to provide a curriculum of instruction where students can receive a tremendous foundation and be taught present truth. This curriculum is perfect for the serious Bible student who desires to grow up in all that Jesus has for them. We are interested in producing sound, stable, and faithful men and women of God with a passion for Jesus, His Word, worship, and His people.

Academic Calendar

Although we will follow a traditional calendar in observing national holidays, courses may begin and end at any time during the traditional quarter/semester schedule. Our intent is to thoroughly furnish our students with the Word of God in each course so their foundation is sure. This commitment will not be compromised by traditional academic schedules. The first course, Searching the Scriptures, started in October 2016 and continued well into 2017. Specific information about projected dates for new courses is available by contacting the Bible School.

Schedule of Classes

Classes will be held on Friday evenings at 7:00 p.m. Classes will start promptly and students are welcome to come at least 30 minutes early for fellowship and to prepare for class in prayer and worship. Coursework is also available for distance learners. Contact the Bible School for more information.


Narrow Way Bible Schools are open enrollment institutions. Although we do not currently host a comparably formal children’s level ministry, accompanied minors with the maturity to attend the class without distracting other students are welcome to enroll. Small children have an informal Bible Study at no additional cost. Students are asked to complete an Enrollment Form which includes contact information for the student as well as a statement of commitment.


Although students are strongly encouraged to attend each class in person, we understand to do so may pose a challenge to students with various work schedules and family responsibilities. Students who are unable to attend classes in person will be given access to a live stream to attend the class online, or will be given either an audio or video recorded link to access the course teaching after the class has ended.

Evaluation and Grading

Throughout instruction, students will be gauged for understanding via four key means of evaluation. The most immediate and oft used method of assessment will be through individual conversations with each student. Although one of the aims of our ministry is to help you “know the Lord,” it is not to fill you with unfruitful head knowledge. We want to hear the testimonies of how the instruction is compelling you to a deeper, more intimate and fulfilling relationship with the Lord Jesus or the hindrances we will work together to overcome. The second form of evaluation will be papers written and submitted by the students. The third method of evaluation will come through student teaching. Every few weeks, students will be asked to teach the class, sharing what they have learned in the previous weeks of instruction. The final method of instruction is for the more advanced students who will be entrusted to teach future classes of the Bible School.

No formal grades nor transcripts will be issued as the purpose of the school is to help students experience a deeper understanding of the scriptures compelling a more intimate relationship with the Lord. The intent is not to measure success through providing credentials. Students who are enrolled in the school as a means to be ordained and/or licensed by another ministry may request a record of accomplishment to submit to a home ministry. Please see your Bible School teacher about formal records for this purpose.


We believe in Apostolic, foundational, present truth, and revelational doctrine. We are not affiliated with any other schools and are not accredited by worldly standards. We are a true “school of the prophets” and desire to remain free from governmental and theological associations. This allows us to teach freely what the Lord has given us and it delivers us from the restraints of religion and other philosophies. We take great care to make sure our curriculum is exhaustively researched and sound.

We are happy to provide a record of curricular accomplishment and/or a certificate of completion to ministers attending the Bible School to complete the requirements of ordination and/or licensing for their home ministry.